Upon Arrival

  • Simple Directions. Hulsey Rd. in Tampa, is the street that runs directly behind the Wal-Mart on Waters Ave. that can be conveniently found between the Veterans Expy (589) and Hanley Rd. Please drive to the end of the street and you will see us on your LEFT. You will see our flags, banners and friendly parking attendants.
  • Parking. All of our parking is convenient however, if you are visiting for the first time, please have your hazard blinkers on. We will do everything possible to park you as close to the entrance as possible. Please do the same if you need a HANDICAP space.
  • At The Entrance. If you have little ones please use the MAIN ENTRANCE. LifeKIDS Check-In is on the left, our men’s restrooms are on your left and ladies restrooms on your right.
  • VIP Center. Our VIP Center was designed with you in mind. This is the place for more information. If it’s about LifeBridge | Puente De Vida, you will find it there. GET CONNECTED.
  • Café Vida. Grab a cup of coffee, tea or water… There’s always a FREE refreshment for your taste. Meet the team or other VIP Guest at the Café Vida.

The Worship Experience

We basically have 2 main sections where worship happens. One is the General Assembly and the other is for our children and young teens.

The entire service is about an hour and 20 minutes. Yes, sometimes we go a bit over depending on the activities of the day. We are also flexible to the move of God.

We start with prayer. This is a good time to be thankful in prayer.

The Experience continues with authentic, energetic live Praise and Worship. This is when we sing songs to our Lord and Savior.

The Teaching section is brought to you in the form of message series. We believe that God always has a powerful word of change and encouragement for His beloved children. Pastor Obee will always speak directly from the Bible and about Jesus!

The Teaching is usually followed with short event updates, a time to fill out the VIP Connection Cards then we give.

LifeBridge is a very generous church. You will see most of us give generously and cheerfully. We do this because we call this place home. You are more than welcome to participate however, please know that we will be just as happy and excited to see you if you didn’t give.

We believe giving is a heart thing. No one should feel obligated to participate.

What happens after the service?

After the service we encourage you to meet and greet. This is a good time to go by the Café and pick up a cold or warm drink on us.

If you have questions, please visit the VIP Center. This is also the place where you’ll find information on how to connect to LifeBridge.

We have several opportunities to keep connected during the week. Never leave without giving us an opportunity to answer your questions. Thank you and we hope you’ll come to love this place as much as we do.